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Abrahams Towing Has Tow Trucks To Help Your Situation  

At times we have our customers request for a flatbed tow truck. This keeps the vehicle off the ground and on top of our truck. Unlike other trucks that keep the vehicle on the ground and dragged that way. This method has some small to miner risks.
Its risk can include debris on the road scratching and nicking the paint. You can also come across ruff areas on the road which can lead to scratching and damaging the vehicle. Therefore you can avoid these risks by using a flatbed tow truck.
When you encounter a roadside problem the point of using a towing company is to avoid further damages. You need a truck suited that can resolve the problem. We have high-performance trucks designed to load your vehicle to the bed of the truck for easy and safe transportation.

Types of Tow Trucks

There are several types of tow trucks but really there are two that are most commonly used. One is a wrecker tow truck that hooks one side of the vehicle and leaves the other set of tiers to hauled on the road. The other is flatbed which allows the entire vehicle to rest on top of the truck bed. 

Flatbed towing is a highly requested form of towing now and days. People with high-end cars, trucks, and SUVs will typically ask for this type of service. If you would like further details and information regarding our services trucks we would advise you to call us for further details. 


Offering Safe Vehicle Flatbed Transportation

We recommend you contact our technicians for vehicle safety and hauling. Going with a wrecker or having a friend haul your automobile can lead to further damage, leaving you with higher expenses in repairs.

If you want to protect your luxury cars and or high-end vehicles you should call for professional help your roadside situation.

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